Sky King Pterantor "Monster Movie" – Soft Vinyl Figure

The Beast Is Back Inc

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This is my post DesignerCon 2021 sale of these figures. Quantities are extremely limited and only include figures that were not sold during the show.

Product details:

  • DesignerCon 2021 exclusive colorway
  • Each figure comes with one of two different miniature resin tv designs with a reversible insert.
  • 8" tall (approx 20cm⁠)
  • Head is articulated
  • Comes bagged with a header card⁠
  • Includes a 2x2" prismatic 'Bikkuriman' style sticker and 5x5" postcard featuring Pterantor artwork by guest artist Johan Ulrich.
  • Also includes a Primeval Island sticker
  • Sculpted by Dante Rockford
  • Produced in soft vinyl
  • Made in China

What is Primeval Island?
The legends speak of a remote island that exists somewhere in the uncharted waters of the South Pacific – untouched by man and ruled by giant prehistoric beasts. Whispered stories spread throughout time describe an unforgiving landscape ravaged by volcanoes, earthquakes, and storms. It is a land filled with teeth and claws – the domain of monsters.

To learn about how this figure was made, check out this blog post.

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